Eligibility Documents

All candidates must submit copies of the following documentation to the ABEM office via e-mail (abem@abemexam.org) or fax (507.288.1225) by the Supporting Documentation deadline:
  • Signed and Dated Code of Conduct
  • Medical License
  • Primary Board Certificate
  • If you have completed 1 or more fellowships, you must also submit the completed ABEM Education Form or a Curriculum Vitae

Americans with Disabilities Act

The ABEM supports the intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Board will make a reasonable effort to provide qualified candidates who have documented disabilities the necessary auxiliary aids and services that do not fundamentally alter the measurement of the skills or knowledge the Board’s program is intended to test or result in an undue burden [Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) §309(b)(3)]. Candidates desiring accommodations for documented disabilities must also complete the Disability Accommodation Request Form and submit it to the ABEM office by the Supporting Documentation Deadline.