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"The EDX Self-Assessment Exam (SAE) helped me become familiar with the contents and format of the ABEM examination – especially the video part. A great study tool."  

Ikjae Lee, MD
Top 10% 2017 ABEM Examination

Maintenance of Certification Program

The ABEM encourages Diplomates to continue to assimilate new knowledge and techniques and develop their clinical skills with the ABEM Maintenance of Certification Program (MOCP). The MOCP sets high standards for quality medical care and professional accountability.

ABEM Diplomates demonstrate their commitment to life-long learning through Category 1 CME activities. These activities include seminars, grand rounds, and skills courses. The ABEM MOCP requirements are:
  • 50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits (during 10-year cycle) for Diplomates enrolled in the MOCP before April 29, 2009. Following successful completion of the MOCP examination, 150 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits will be required.
  • 150 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits (during 10-year cycle) for Diplomates enrolled in the MOCP in on or after April 29, 2009.
ABEM Diplomates must also pay $300 over the 10-year cycle ($30 paid on a yearly basis to avoid late fees) for CME recording fees.

ABEM Diplomates must successfully pass the MOCP exam once during their 10-year cycle in order to maintain their certification. The exam tests fundamental cognitive knowledge in EDX medicine as well as current and clinically valid practice-related knowledge.

The MOCP exam is held once a year and is taken online at the candidate’s place of work. Candidates are required to identify a proctor (e.g., supervisor, coworker) for the exam. The proctor attests that the test taker is who they say they are, and that no outside materials were used during the exam.
To maintain Board certification, Diplomates certified after 1994 must successfully complete the MOCP. Diplomates certified prior to 1994 may participate in the program on a voluntary basis, and must follow the process outlined in the MOCP. However, Diplomates certified prior to 1994 will not lose their Diplomate status if they withdraw from the program or are unsuccessful on the examination.

If Your ABEM Certification Lapsed

If your certification lapses, you aren't required to re-take the original ABEM certification examination. To reinstate your certification, you need to meet the applicable MOCP CME Category 1 requirements listed above, pay the owed CME recording fees and penalties, and pass the MOCP exam. There will be a lapse in your certification, but you will be reinstated as an ABEM Diplomate. Visit the link above to read ABEM's statement regarding certification and MOC.

ABEM Position on Advocacy for Board Certification and MOC

Visit the link above to read ABEM's statement regarding certification and MOC.

ABEM MOCP Examination

Information for Candidates Booklet

The ABEM MOCP Information for Candidates booklet contains key dates, application and examination fees, ADA information, eligibility and application requirements, examination overview, example questions, study resources, and more.

Requirements for Eligibility

Candidates must meet eligibility requirements for the year in which the examination is taken, regardless of prior approval. Eligibility does not carry over automatically from year to year.

Key Examination Dates

See information for upcoming ABEM MOCP Examination Key Dates, including registration opening, closing, and examination dates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many of the questions you may have about the ABEM MOCP Exam are answered in the FAQ section.

Important Application Documents

When applying for the exam, candidates must also submit supporting Application Documents to be eligible for the ABEM MOCP Examination.

Disability Accommodation

Candidate's needing assistance during their exam day will need to read and fill out the Disability Accommodation Request Form.


After pass/fail e-mails are sent to candidates, all passing candidates' names are posted on the Results page.

Withdrawing from the ABEM MOCP Exam

For more information about withdrawing from the exam, read our policy.