Requirements for Eligibility

Diplomates must meet eligibility requirements for the year in which the examination is taken, regardless of prior approval. Eligibility does not carry over automatically from year to year.

To apply for the maintenance of certification examination, Diplomates must:
  1. Possess a current primary Board certificate from the ABPN, ABPMR, Canadian equivalent or AOA equivalent.1
  2. Possess a valid and unrestricted license to practice medicine in the United States, or territory of the United States or Canada. Evidence of licensure to practice medicine, current at the date of application, must be submitted with the application form. If the license held by the participant is restricted or with qualifications, details must be provided. 2
  3. Be enrolled in the MOCP. Diplomates must also have recorded all required CME hours with the ABEM Executive Office.
  4. Sign a statement affirming their commitment to practice medicine in an ethical manner.

Diplomates will need to provide documentation verifying the above requirements when applying for the examination.

1 Holders of the ABEM Certificate of Recognition will not need to meet this requirement.
2 Holders of the ABEM Certificate of Recognition must document current license to practice in their home country.