The following technologists passed the 2017 Certified Nerve Conduction Technologist (CNCT) Examination:

Muhammad Adeel, CNCT
Isvan Alvarez Herrera, CNCT
Marzena Augustynowicz, CNCT
Todd Balke, CNCT
Rita Benigno, CNCT
Richard Castonguay, CNCT
Crisiten Colley, CNCT
Kim Drew, CNCT
Donna Duff, CNCT
Cory Hansen, CNCT
Aaron Hartfiel, CNCT
Caitlin Hohler, CNCT
Tasha Johnson, CNCT
Cody Kastanek, CNCT
Abdaq Kayd, CNCT
Jennifer Knowles, CNCT
Anita Korhonen, CNCT
Tracy LaMoy, CNCT
Michelle Luessen, CNCT
Kevin Mainard, CNCT
Irshad Murtaza, CNCT
Rebecca Pitts, CNCT
Shelby Poulton, CNCT
Krista Ringenberg, CNCT
Igor Rutenberg, CNCT
Alison Van Zandt, CNCT