The following technologists passed the 2016 Certified Nerve Conduction Technologist (CNCT) Examination:

Mary-Kristina Allen, CNCT
Emmanuel Alvarez, CNCT
Karin Marie Armstrong, CNCT
Kristen Beasley, CNCT
Holly Skye Campbell, CNCT
Peter Renato Palma Del Rosario, CNCT
Marizela Dulic, CNCT
Kyleen Ellis, CNCT
Abdusamad A. Essa, CNCT
Martha I. Freeman, CNCT
Melissa Geary, CNCT
Melissa Goldberg, CNCT
Lourdes Gonzalez, CNCT
Kaitlyn Gabrella Gull, CNCT
Daniella Marks, CNCT
Amy E. McLean, CNCT
Mary Rose Miller, CNCT
Zhi Ming, CNCT
Jacqueline Aldona Murphy, CNCT
Caitlin Musashe, CNCT
Allison Nicole Peterson, CNCT
Tiffany DeChel Porter, CNCT
Cindy Lou Price, CNCT
Jodie Richardson, CNCT
Fernando A. Sanchez, CNCT
Mary Sanchon, CNCT
Maranda Shane, CNCT
Lyndsey R. Sisco, CNCT
Ievgen Sukhar, CNCT
Brenda Tognazzini, CNCT
Paul John Zwelling, CNCT