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"The EDX Self-Assessment Exam (SAE) helped me become familiar with the contents and format of the ABEM examination – especially the video part. A great study tool."  

Ikjae Lee, MD
Top 10% 2017 ABEM Examination

Changes to the MOCP Program

The American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine is excited to announce some changes to its Maintenance of Certification Program (MOCP).  Effective January 1, 2021, the MOCP will have a new way for Diplomates to assess their knowledge in a convenient, flexible, and relevant way.  In place of the MOCP exam will be our new requirement, CoreComp.  CoreComp is an online program that presents questions designed to ensure the core competency areas of EDX medicine are being met.  The MOCP Examination will be discontinued after 2020’s administration. Certification will never expire as long as the Continuous Certification requirements are met.  Grandfathered Diplomates (Lifetime certificates) do not need to participate in the Continuous Certification.  Further information will be provided as to how to access the CoreComp component once it is available.  
View the video below to understand how CoreComp works.

Continuous Certification  Requirements
  • Attest that you possess an active, unrestricted license to practice medicine
  • Attest that you possess an active primary board certification in neurology or PMR
  • 150 CME recorded within your 10-year cycle
  • Complete and pass annual online questions (CoreComp)- NEW
    • Online questions will be available annually from January 1 – November 30 
    • Access to online questions is provided upon payment of annual $99 administrative fee

CoreComp Details
  • An initial batch of 20-questions assess core EDX knowledge
  • Immediate feedback, reference and rationale provided after each question
  • Complete the questions at your own pace January-November
  • Questions will be presented in 5 bundles of 4 questions each
  • Must pass each bundle with a score of 75% or higher to pass
  • Additional question bundles will be presented if the pass rate is not met


Wondering what your transition plan will look like?  Visit the My Continuous Certification page for details (login required).


ABEM is honoring the terms of all current 10-year certificates, so even if you do not participate in CoreComp, you will retain your board-certified status until your certificate expiration date.  However, if you don’t participate in yearly CoreComp questions prior to your expiration, you will not fulfill the requirements for continuous certification, resulting in a loss of certification when your 10 year certificate expires. In addition, non-participation in CoreComp will result in a Continuous Certification status of Certified, Not Meeting Continuous Certification Requirements displayed in the ABEM Directory online.  To transition those physicians who recently took the certification examination, participation in the yearly Core Comp program has been waived as a requirement of continuous certification for between 1- 5 years depending when your 10 year certificate expires.  Review the transition schedules below to understand what years are waived for you.   

Moving forward, after 2020, 10 year certificates will no longer be issued.  Everyone will be required to participate in the yearly CoreComp program and answer the 20 questions per year.  Those who do not participate or do not meet the threshold for passing for 2 consecutive years must take the initial ABEM exam to be reinstated in the program.  If you do not participate for 2 consecutive years, you are required to begin participating within 3 months in the 3rd year or you will no longer be certified.  A physician can only not participate for up to 2 years 1 time in each 10 year CME cycle.