Preparation tip:

"The EDX Self-Assessment Exam (SAE) helped me become familiar with the contents and format of the ABEM examination – especially the video part. A great study tool."  

Ikjae Lee, MD
Top 10% 2017 ABEM Examination


The following physicians successfully passed the 2021 American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine (ABEM) Certification Examination:

The passing rate for first time exam takers was 87% this year.  

Andrew Abdou, DO
David Alcantara, MD
Hisham Aldhukair, MD
Abdullah AlQahtani, MD, MHP
Nasim Amirjani, MD, PhD
Cho Bae, MD
Leslie Bagay, MD
Nancy Baker, MD
Rina Bernstein, MD
Salman Bhai, MD
Steven Bou, MD
Leeann Burton, MD
Morgan Carlson, MD
Jonathan Carrier, DO
Enoch Chang, MD
Yu-Ting Chen, MD
Andrew Chrisman, MD
Candace Curry, MD
Matthew Danielson, MD
Angela Donnelly, MD
Rima El Abassi, MD
Shreya Gandhy, DO
Jonathan Goike, MD
James Grogan, MD
Michael Hansen, MD
Adam Hills, MD
Michael Hunter, MD
Thereseann Huprikar, DO
Malik Ibrahim, MD
Moeid Khan, MD
Rahul Khanna, MD
Collin Kreple, MD
Anupama Kurra, MD
Bryan Lamb, MD
Ilana Lasner, DO
Ming Lee, MD, PhD
Adam Lewis, MD
Xiaoyan Li, MD
Matthew Lynch, MD
Hamza Malek, MD
Ariel Marks, MD
Susan Matesanz, MD
Timothy McKenna, MD
Phillip Mongiovi, MD
Kathryn Mosher, MD
Omid Motabar, MD
Shrishail Nashi, MD
Chen Fei Ng, MD
James Noto, DO
Alexandra Paraskos, MD
Pritikanta Paul, MD
Jared Placeway, DO
Devin Prior, MD
Yerasu Reddy, MBBS
Andrew Reish, MD
Christopher Rizik, DO
Sarita Said Said, MD
Parisa Salehi, MD
Erica Seidel, MD
Young IL Seo, MD
Saurabh Singhal, MBBS
Michael Slama, MD, PhD
Robin Soffer, MD
Varun Sreenivasan, MD
Narupat Suanprasert, MD
Joome Suh, MD
Fang Sun, MD
Jennifer Tay, MD
Anne Tita, MD
Bhavesh Trikamji, MD
Jacquelyn VanDam, MD
Fernanda Wajnsztajn Yungher, MD
Masumi Wilroy, DO
Jared Yee, MD
Herbie Yung, MD

Certificate of Recognition (International):
Mubashira Hashmi, MBBS, FCPS
Deepak Menon, MD
Chen Fei Ng, MD
Songkit Supakornnumporn, MD
Ulas Yesil, MD

The following physicians were among the top 10% of passing scorers:
Leeann Burton, MD
Yu-Ting Chen, MD
Jonathan Goike, MD
Deepak Menon, MD
Erica Seidel, MD
Songkit Supakornnumporn, MD
Jared Yee, MD