Where do I take the Exam?

The exam is taken on a computer at the candidates’ workplace.  The exam is not available at local testing centers.  Candidates will need to find someone (e.g., coworker, supervisor) to proctor their exam. The proctor will sign a document saying the test taker is who they say they are, and that no outside materials were used during the exam process.


What is the exam format?

The exam is a multiple choice written exam. There are approximately 125 questions. There is a 4 hour time limit to complete the exam. There are no video questions on the MOCP Exam.


Where can I find more information about the exam?

Detailed exam information is available in the ABEM MOCP Information for Candidates Booklet.


Why should I participate in the MOCP?

Participation in the maintenance of certification program shows to your patients and colleagues that you are committed to lifelong education in your field.


How soon will I know if my application has been accepted or rejected?

Once all your documents are received, you will be notified that your application has been accepted or rejected. This process can take a few weeks and is dependent on when supporting documentation is received. The sooner you submit ALL required documents, the sooner your application will be reviewed. Applications received at the deadline dates will take longer to process.


How do I withdraw my application?

For information about cancellations and refunds, please reference the Withdrawing from the Exam page.


If I withdraw my application will the examination fees be refunded?

For information about cancellations and refunds, please reference the Withdrawing from the Exam page.


Once I pass the MOCP examination, do I have to do anything else?

You need to maintain your knowledge of the field by participating in CME activites. CME activites should be recorded by December 31 each year during your 10-year cycle.


How many CME credits are required for the MOCP Program?

You will need 150 Category 1 CME credits. If you were enrolled in the MOCP Program prior to April 30, 2009, you are required to have recorded 50 Category 1 CME credits in your first 10-year cycle. After recertifying, you will be required to complete 150 Category 1 CME.


What type of CME credits count for the MOCP? Must the CME credits be for EMG/NCS-specific educational sessions?

The credits claimed to fulfill the MOCP CME requirement must be from educational sessions providing information that is applicable to a Diplomate’s practice as an EDX physician. The CME credits do not need to be from EMG or NCS-specific educational courses but must be related to the practice of electrodiagnostic medicine.

For example, CME credits earned for sessions on the broader field of neuromuscular diseases, as well as those that are practice related such as ethics, office management, physician-patient relations although not EMG/NCS specific, may be appropriately claimed to fulfill the MOCP CME requirement. Conversely, CME credits earned for a sessions on EEG, sleep medicine, strokes, spinal injections, etc., would not be applicable to a Diplomate’s EDX practice and should not be claimed as part of the MOCP.

Diplomates should use their best judgment when claiming CME credits


Once the examination is complete, how soon will I receive the results?

You will be notified of the results of the examination prior to December 31.


What happens to my status if I fail the MOCP examination?

If you have a time-limited certificate that has not yet expired, there will be no change in your status. If you have a time-limited certificate that has expired, you will not be listed as being certified by the ABEM until you pass the MOCP examination. If you have a certificate that is not time limited, you will still be listed as being certified by the ABEM, but you will not be listed as participating in the MOCP.


How do I pay my annual fees and record CME hours?

All annual fees can be paid online and the recording of CME hours can also be done online.


I have a certificate that is not time limited. What happens if I participate in MOCP?

Holders of certificates that are not time limited are strongly encouraged to enter the MOCP. For individuals who do so, their certificates will remain in effect, no matter what the outcome of the MOCP process. You will not lose certification through participation in the program.


How do I renew my expired certification? Do I have to retake the original ABEM examination?

No, you don’t have to take the original certification examination. You simply need to meet all the requirements for the MOCP examination. The ABEM website, however, will show a lapse in certification.


What happens if I do not take the examination before my current certificate expires?

If you do not take the MOCP exam before your certificate expires, the ABEM website will no longer show that you are ABEM certified.


If I take the examination 2 or more years before the expiration date of my current certificate, what dates will show on my certificate?

Your certificate will be dated from the year you took the MOCP examination.

If your original certificate expires in 2014 and you take the examination in 2012, your new certificate will be dated 2012-2022. If you waited and took the examination 1 year before your certificate expires, (i.e., in 2013) your new certificate would be dated 2014-2024.


Can I obtain continuing medical education for taking the examination?

No, the American Medical Association Physician Recognition Award criteria does not allow Category 1 credit for the ABEM or MOCP examination.