Initial Certification

Information for Candidates Booklet

The ABEM CNCT Information for Candidates booklet includes key dates, application and examination fees, ADA information, eligibility and application requirements, examination review, example questions, study resources, and more.

Interest In Certification

Fill out the Interest in Certification form to sign up for more information and to be notified when the next registration window is opening.

Requirements for Eligibility

Candidates must meet eligibility requirements for the year in which the examination is taken, regardless of prior approval. Eligibility does not carry over automatically from year to year.

Key Examination Dates

See information for upcoming ABEM CNCT Examination Key Dates, including registration opening, closing, and examination dates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many of the questions you may have about the ABEM CNCT Exam are answered in the FAQ section.

Important Application Documents

When applying for the exam, candidates must also submit supporting Application Documents to be eligible for the ABEM CNCT Examination.

Disability Accommodation

Candidate's needing assistance during their exam day will need to read and fill out the Disability Accommodation Request Form.


After pass/fail e-mails are sent to candidates, all passing candidates' names are posted on the Results page.

Withdrawing from the ABEM CNCT Exam

For more information about withdrawing from the exam, read our policy.