Exam Preparation


The Certified Nerve Conduction Technologist (CNCT) Examination is a 4 hour examination administered online through a third-party software called QuestionMark. Candidates will take the exam at their place of work, with the candidate finding a proctor (coworker, boss, etc…) to administer the exam. The proctor will sign a document saying that the test taker is who they say they are and make sure no cheating is occurring.

Prior to the computer-based examination, a detailed analysis of individual questions has been performed and a minimum passing score established. After completion of the exam, ABEM Executive Office Staff will notify candidates whether they passed or failed the examination.

The exam is a multiple choice written exam. There are approximately 150 questions and a 4 hour time limit to complete the exam. There are no video questions on the exam.

No other information about the examination, examination results, or performance on subsections of the examination will be made available to the candidates.

QuestionMark online examination program details

Wondering how the exam interface will look?  Or if it will work correctly on your device?  Click the link above for system requirements and a sample question.

Study Resources 

The CNCT Exam Committee have put together a resource list of study resources for examination candidates.

  *Please note that the ABEM does not necessarily consult the material on this list in the development of examination questions.