QuestionMark online exam details

The CNCT exam is delivered through an online learning system called QuestionMark. Please use the requirements listed below as well as the sample exam link to ensure that you will be able to access the exam.


Sample Exam Link

A sample exam environment, which may be used to test your system(s) prior to delivery of the exam, can be accessed below. The sample contains video and audio.  While the CNCT exam does not contain video or audio, please ensure that you are able to navigate the question screens.

Internet Connection Requirements

Exam candidates need to be connected to the organization's internal network, not a public, guest network. A hardwired internet connection is recommended in order to prevent any potential Wi-Fi connectivity issues.


Browser Requirements


# The device file can be updated to auto-detect these browsers, however, certain issues have been found with using them. The issues range from subtle interface problems to incompatibility with features like Questionmark Secure/Questionmark to Go.

* Due to the frequent release schedule of these browsers, full support of new versions cannot be guaranteed. Questionmark makes every effort to support the latest versions of these browsers as they are released.

^ Mobile suport for participant reports is limited at this time.