Key Exam Dates

Exam Registration Timeline and Fees

Due to Covid-19, we will be pushing back the spring CNCT exam administration to May 28-30.  

We hope that clinics will be open and working to get back to their regular schedules by late May. We realize that this may prompt conflicts in schedules, so we will also be offering a new online proctor option for those who are unable to find someone to proctor their exam.  This option allows you to take the exam with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program monitoring you during the exam.  Choosing the online proctor option requires that you have the following:

  1. A reliable internet connection.
  2. A webcam on your computer. 
  3. A space in your office or home that is reserved for only you to take the exam.  Other people in or entering the room will flag the online system and your exam will be invalid.

Please email if you are interested in utilizing this online proctor option instead of having someone from your office proctor you in person. 
Should you decide to stick with an in-person proctor, but need to change who is proctoring you, please complete a new Proctor Contract with the new proctor's information and email it to

The decision to postpone is not a decision we are making lightly.  We feel it is in the best interest for our exam takers to have as normal of a testing environment as possible.  We hope that you understand.  The ABEM is continuing to monitor the situation and will be in touch should further actions need to be taken. 


Spring Exam 

Early registration (February 1-29, 2020)…………………. $625
Regular registration (Ends April 30, 2020)…….................$675

*NEW* Subsequent attempt registration................$338
  This reduced registration fee is available for those who have previously sat for the CNCT exam, but were unsuccessful in their attempt.  The overall registration window of February 1-April 30 still applies.  Please email for a code to be used on Step 4 of the online registration form (payment portion).
Registration Opens February 1, 2020
Early Application Deadline February 29, 2020
Application Deadline Extended to April 30, 2020 
 Refund Request Deadline April 30, 2020
Eligibility Notification Prior to May 15, 2020
CNCT Examination New Dates: May 28* - May 30, 2020**
Notification of Examination Results Prior to July 15, 2020

Fall Exam 

Early registration (August 1, 2020)…………………. $625
Regular registration (September 1, 2020)…….............$675
Registration Opens August 1, 2020
Early Application Deadline August 31, 2020
Application Deadline September 30, 2020
 Refund Request Deadline September 30, 2020
Eligibility Notification Prior to November 1, 2020
CNCT Examination November 5*, 6*, 7**, 2020
Notification of Examination Results Prior to December 31, 2020


Please note: We strongly encourage candidates to take the exam during the hours that ABEM office support will be available.  The exam will be available outside of the support hours listed below if normal work hours are not feasible.  Should you encounter technical issues outside of support hours, please email immediately and click out of the exam window.

*Thursday and Friday -  Support will be available 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Central Standard Time (CST) both days.

**Saturday - Support is available from 10:00 a.m. CST until 2:00 p.m. CST.

You are given 4 hours to complete the exam.