Technologist MOCP

All technologists granted the CNCT credential are automatically enrolled in the Technologist Maintenance of Certification Program (TMOCP).

Over the last 5 years, the ABEM Board has explored methods to assess a nerve conduction study technologist's specialized knowledge, skills, and abilities. The Board also wanted to respond to feedback it received regarding the difficulty of attending an AANEM-sponsored meeting. New options have been developed for CNCTs within their 5-year cycle to assist in completing the current requirements (30 CEU, AANEM-sponsored meeting attendance, and pass a TMOCP exam). There will no longer be a recertification exam, and an alternative option is now offered for those who have difficulty getting to an AANEM-sponsored meeting. The new TMOCP consists of Checkpoints (online educational modules) to take the place of the exam, and an alternative option to meeting attendance. 

Individuals who certify or recertify and begin their new 5-year cycle in 2016 or after will need to complete 5 AANEM Checkpoints over their 5 year term. 


The current requirements for anyone starting their TMOCP 5-year cycle in 2016 and beyond have changed so that there is less confusion for diplomates.


Visit the My TMOCP page to see exactly what is required of you for your current TMOCP cycle.


Technologists will need to purchase each Checkpoint, then visit the provided weblink to take the online assessment.

Test-takers will be advised immediately whether they passed or failed. Those who do not pass will be advised to review the material and retake the test.