CNCT Diplomates certifying in 2016 and thereafter are required to complete 5 of the AANEM Checkpoints by the end of their 5-year TMOCP cycle. The Checkpoints are designed to address the knowledge needed for CNCT to maintain their knowledge and skills related to the performance of nerve conduction studies.  Checkpoints can consist of several formats.  Written Checkpoints contain 20-30 pages of reading or a presentation on a relevant topic, followed by 15 -20 questions about the material.  Others will include audio and a PowerPoint presentation followed by questions about the session.  The format is listed in the Checkpoint description.  Technologists will need to purchase each Checkpoint, then visit the provided weblink to take the online assessment.   You will be advised immediately whether you passed or failed. Those who do not pass will need to review the material and retake the quiz until a passing score is achieved.  Live event Checkpoints are also available through AANEM Annual Meetings or other live events.  Sessions may require a post-test for credit.  If 5 Checkpoints are completed by the end of the 5-year cycle, the CNCT Diplomate will be renewed at the end of the cycle.  Dates will not update online prior to the 5-year cycle end date.
Access AANEM Checkpoints to help you meet your TMOCP needs.  You may also earn non-AANEM Checkpoints for attending select in-person events through other organizations.  
Non-AANEM Checkpoint activities must follow the Checkpoint Request Process.  Contact your event's sponsor to see if they have completed the Checkpoint Request Process to request this credit. Once the Checkpoint request has been approved, CNCTs can then claim the credit by emailing a transcript or certificate of completion from the event or educational item to   

Those who initially certified prior to 2016, please visit the My TMOCP page to determine your requirements.